Emotional Support Sessions
for schools and other settings

Emotional support dogs and therapy dogs provide comfort, a calming presence and company.

Dogs comfort kids and make the area that they are in more comfortable.

In a shooting in Florida, therapy dogs were used as a way to provide comfort and support returning students that decided to come back.


In recent BBC publication, Sir Anthony Seldon (Vice-Chancellor of The University of Buckingham since 2015, one of Britain’s leading contemporary historians, educationalists, commentators and political authors )suggested that the way to reducing anxiety is the soothing presence of animals such as dogs in nurseries, schools, clubs etc...”Because children can relate to animals when they are hurt and anxious and sad in a way that they can't always with human beings”

Unfortunately, we merely have few schools that allow emotional support/therapy dogs, yet many children suffer from emotional problems in and out of the school. Preventing them from usual activities, focusing on homework and studies etc.

   Southern K9 Training is offering a solution to that in a way of Special Sessions for children and adults.

Our temperament tested dogs can benefit children and adults by;

-Lowering blood pressure and stress levels

-Increase levels of dopamine and serotonin

-Improve fitness

-Decrease anxiety

-Dramatically increase positive mood

-Ease social isolation and help children learn social skills

-Help young readers gain confidence

-Help with coordination and motor skills

-Senses stimulation and many more...

Child/adult is not required to do anything during the session that is not comfortable with.

Children always stay with parent/legal guardian.

The dog is always on the lead unless otherwise agreed.

Our trainer will be present during the session at all times gently encouraging and guiding through the sessions.

Sessions can be arranged on our training grounds or any place and time(note that we may require at least 2 weeks notice)and are only on a pre-paid basis.

Why there is a need for such a service?

Many people suffering from any sort of condition that would benefit from animal/dog contact is unable to take provide housing or care for them.

It takes lots of time and training effort until the dog is at the stage when he can provide such support, not to mention costly.

Dogs require not only love and food but also daily exercise, grooming, worming, flea treatments, vaccinations, routine and no routine vet visits and more...



Please note; Our dogs are not service dogs, we can not enter with them any premises unless invited. They are well-trained dogs used as emotional support for people in need.

We are not medically trained and do not offer any medical advise or support

The sole purpose of the Sessions is to relax the client and encourage positivity, mental and physical motivation through animal contact.