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]. * (8) In general, it is impossible to distinguish some Pauline from some authentic Jewish traditions. This does not change the overall value of the above quotations, but it should be noticed that in some cases the quotations on the pagans could be also transmitted through the sources of some early Christian writers. For example, John Philoponus (ca. 490–ca. 570) preserved the teaching of Irenaeus (early third century), and the authentic view of some sayings of Jesus was preserved in the writings of Origen (third century). (H. U. Wolf,' und die Pagodenreligion der alten Israeliter Vorstellung von der 'Menschlichkeit Jesu'', Bibel und Geschichte, 12 [1981], pp. 566–92.) 9 For this author see E. Stauffer, Das Evangelium des Johannes dem Täufer (Tübingen, 1952). See also the same author's Die Evangilik des Johannes und die Tradition des ersten Evangelisten (Tübingen, 1970). 10 A comment of H. Conzelmann, 'Jesu Christus und die Antike', in K. Schatz (ed.), Hommage à J. Daniélou, Fribourg, 1961, p. 333. 11 Ibid., p. 331. 12 H. Conzelmann,' und die Heilige Schrift', Zeitschrift für Theologie, 40 (1967), p. 211. 13 Ibid., p. 214. 14 For the synoptic theory, see C. H. Dodd, The Parables of Jesus: Their Literary and Historical Value (Edinburgh, 1964). 15 T. F. Torrance, John (London, 1964), p. 75. 16 In fact, T. F. Torrance (op. cit., pp. 101–5) has offered a number of different solutions. He considers the resurrection of the dead (i.e. of the whole dead) to be the very purpose of Jesus' teaching. 17 See J. Z. Smith, The Concept of God Incarnate in New Testament Theology (Philadelphia, 1980), pp. 168–84, for a discussion on the 'Two wills of God' in Paul. 18 Ibid. 19 Ibid. 20 Ibid.



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